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ATTRACTIONS OF MASURIA, The nature of Masuria is concentrated along the Krutynia river. The great nature reserves under the custody of foresters and of the management of the Masurian Landscape Park are natural treasures which cannot be explored over a short period of time. In this tab we mention some of the ways to enjoy the natural resources of Masuria.

The neighbouring forests are the home of rare species of birds, for example: white-tailed eagle, osprey, lesser spotted eagle, eagle owl, crane, kingfisher, black woodpecker or cormorant.

For those who wish to encounter wild animals eye to eye we recommend a trip to the neighbouring Wild Animal Park in Kadzidłowo. It is the home of many animal species: roe deer, red deer, moose, fallow deer, wild boars, beavers and even wolves, lynxes, grouse, hazel grouse and black grouse.

The Research Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kosewo Górne conducts tourist and educational activities with regard to the reproductive physiology and behaviour of the deer family. During the lectures you will be able to learn many interesting facts about the life of wild animals and see them at a close range.

Near the Centre Pearl Krutynia are:

Rezerwat przyrody Krutynia Dolna – 760m
Plaża niestrzeżona w Iznocie 2.1km
Park dzikich zwierząt w Kadzidłowie 3.1km
Leśna ścieżka edukacyjna „Kadzidłowski Las” 3.1km
Zwierzęta Puszczy Piskiej 3.3km
Muzeum Osada Kulturowa w Kadzidłowie 3.3km
Jezioro Smolak (Bobrówko, Mielarówko, Nielarówko)
Jezioro Malinówko (Malinowe)
Jezioro Skok

Another station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Popielno breeds wild tarpanoid Polish primitive horses, many old stock breeds, żubroń as well as European beavers.

Those who wish to travel along the Great Masurian Lakes route are free to choose our offer of a cruise during which you will be able to sail out of the nearby town of Kamień.

Due to the proximity popular Masurian tourist locations, such as Mikołajki (9 km) or Ruciane-Nida (14 km), Nowy Most can also serve as a perfect starting point for trips intended to learn the appeal of the Warmian-Masurian Lakeland.

One of the attractions offered by the nearby town of Ukta is a neo-Gothic church and a wooden bell-tower which dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. A bit further we can find traces of presence of a sect of Russian Old Believers, the Filippians, in these areas. In the early 19th century they settled here fleeing persecution. Some of the structures that have managed to survive until today are the wooden Orthodox church and monastery in Wojnowo and the layout of village buildings in Gałkowo.

It is also worth seeing the Gothic church in Nawiady erected in 1437, a water mill on the Krutynia river in the Zielony Lasek (Green Forest) dating back to the 19th century, or, for example, a historical Masurian barn in the village of Krutyń which houses the Natural Museum of the Masurian Landscape Park.

We also recommend visiting Św. Lipka which is the home of a beautiful monastery and the former Hitler’s headquarters near Kętrzyn.

One of the people who noticed the qualities of the region was Melchior Wańkowicz, who once travelled across these areas. He described them in a book entitled “”Na tropach Smętka (Following Smętek)”.

However, we do not suggest visiting remote locations. We encourage you to roam on foot or by bike. The centre can provide bicycles and Nordic walking poles.

The activities you will be able to perform in the vicinity of our centre include mushroom picking, wandering around forest bicycle routes or admiring nature when walking along natural or educational paths. Our hiking routes marked out may be used to enjoy long walks in a pristine scenery.

You can also enjoy fishing on the Krutynia river and Bełdany Lake. Our rental place also provides boats for anglers.

Each autumn the deer summon their mates to the rutting ground just next to the centre. Very often eagles find rest on the neighbouring trees and the vicinity of our centre provides home for lynxes.

Every day our facility allows our guests to take canoeing trips on the Krutynia river – both individual and in groups. We also transport canoes and guests to other bodies of water, of course providing return transport as well. The PERŁA KRUTYNIA (PEARL OF THE KRUTYNIA) centre has its own water equipment which can be used by our guests.

Next to our river, within the centre, there is a beach covered with soft sand along with parasols and beach chairs as well as a wooden platform which can be used for sunbathing and angling.

We will also provide an instructor along with equipment for diving enthusiasts at their individual order. The more than 3 metres deep Krutynia river is clear down to the very bottom.

If our guests wish to do so, we will also arrange dancing events. We can also provide a music band.

We also provide our guests who are willing to spend the evening at the bonfire with chopped wood, barbecue and sausages and a supply of beverages.

The food and drink bar is open from morning until the last guest leaves. The canteen serves organised groups and holiday guests.

Two TV sets – one in the bar and one in the canteen allow our guests to individually select over-the-air television programs.

A children’s playground, a volleyball playfield, and a ping-pong site provide an excellent supplementation for the beach and the water.

You are warmly welcome!!

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